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Covenant - Glasgow - 2018-03-10

Sweden's enigmatic dark pop exponents COVENANT are back in the UK for first time in 3 years! Je$us Loves Amerika are joining the band in Glasgow at Ivory Blacks in March.

Covnenant - Glasgow - 2018-03-10

KMFDM - Glasgow - 2017-09-06

KMFDM ROCKS!!! The legendary KMFDM are touring their latest album, 'Hell Yeah', hitting St Luke's in September with Je$us Loves Amerika in support - book your tickets now...

Tickets at TicketWeb and Tickets Scotland

KMFDM - Glasgow - 2017-09-06

Mortiis - The Great Corrupter - JLA Remix

On the heels of last year's long-awaited "The Great Deceiver" album, Mortiis will issue "The Great Corrupter" on April 21st, featuring a remix from JLA.

'The Great Corrupter' begins with tracks from the previous album, deconstructed and masterfully "corrupted" by Chris Vrenna, Rhys Fulber, Die Krupps, John Fryer, GODFLESH, Merzbow, Apoptygma Berzerk, In Slaughter Natives, Raison D'Etre, Je$us Loves Amerika, PIG, and many more. The record will also contain unreleased material from the original recording sessions.

Mortiis - The Great Corrupter - JLA remix

Brutalism UK 2017

Following their triumphant appearance at Chicago's prestigious Cold Waves festival last year, UK Industrial titans CUBANATE return home to celebrate the release of their forthcoming 'Brutalism' retrospective. With their early hits 'Body Burn' and 'Oxyacetylene' retaining the powerful, anthemic edge that originally won them Single of The Week in mags like Kerrang! and Melody Maker, and with the world descending into chaos and ruin, it's no wonder that Cubanate are more relevant today than ever, continuing to inspire artists including The Prodigy to Fear Factory and beyond.

Tickets via TicketWeb: Glasgow and London

Brutalism UK 2017 - Cubanate | Empirion | Kanga | Je$us Loves Amerika

Cubanate | Empirion | Kanga | Je$us Loves Amerika | Cease2Xist

Live - Leeds - Wharf Chambers - 2016-11-09

Goth City Promotions presents...

Space Invaders: retro cyberpunk club feat. Je$us Loves Amerika

8pm - 11:30pm | Facebook event page | £4 OTD

Goth City Promotions presents yet another Cyberpunk and old-school industrial club night. Featuring!...

The one and only JE$US LOVES AMERIKA will be headlining the event, presenting their brutal politicised industrial. Not to be missed!

On DJ duty will be DJ Wessie Predator (Integration/Schlock!)

Expect Ministry, RevCo, Skinny Puppy, Nitzer Ebb, NIN, FLA, PWEI, Test Dept, Killing Joke, Front 242, Pigface and many more of varying degrees of old-school obscurity. Be there or be de-rezzed!

Proceeds to PAFRAS!

Armalyte Presents Various Artists - Defcon Three: Dirty World

je$us loves amerika feature on Various Artists - Defcon Three: Dirty World - the latest compilation from Armalyte Industries - along with artists and friends OFFICERS, Jenson, Paresis, Concrete Lung, Petrol Bastard, Be My Enemy, <PIG>, Rabbit Junk, Cocksure and i!.

Listen to the new exclusive track Cifer (Phase 1) on Armalyte Industries bandcamp and check out a review of the track from our friends over at A Model of Control.

Various Artists - Defcon Three: Dirty World

All profits from the sale of Defcon Three will go to CALM (reg. charity no 1110621), who do a fantastic job of raising awareness of, and seeking to prevent male suicide in the UK. The music we love may be dark, but there's salvation to be found within.

Youth Code + je$us loves amerika + Nightmare Frequency - Audio - 2016-10-13

je$us loves amerika are joining Youth Code at Audio Glasgow as they tour their stunning new album, Commitment to Complications, on Thursday 13th October - more information and tickets available at Tickets Scotland.

The usual deals regarding discounts for the unemployed, disabled and students amongst you always apply - see our Facebook page for more details...

Youth Code 2016-10-13 Gig Flyer

'X X X' EP Compilation

A new compilation of tracks taken from the last three je$us loves amerika EPs is now available on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon! A digital only release, 'X X X' features the lead tracks and selected remixes from the recent FYA, Breathe and Falling EPs, as well as exclusive new remixes...

X X X on Spotify

Stream on Spotify

Download from iTunes | Amazon (UK) | Amazon (US)

...the debut album, Advanced Burial Technology - long out of print - is also now available on Spotify.

Advanced Burial Technology on Spotify

Stream on Spotify

Download from iTunes | Bandcamp | Amazon (UK) | Amazon (US)

God Module + je$us loves amerika + Nightmare Frequency - Audio - 2016-04-07

je$us loves amerika are joining God Module as special guests on their Prophecy 2016 Tour at Audio Glasgow on Thursday 7th April - more information and tickets available at Tickets Scotland.

God Module 2016-04-07 Gig Flyer

Breathe EP on Bandcamp

The long sold out Breathe EP is now available to download (name your price) on Bandcamp - a SEVEN TRACK EP of new material and remixes, by friends Concrete Lung, Danny Carnage and i!, as well as the band themselves... enjoy!

Breathe limited edition EP

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